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B'ruchim Habaim  --  Welcome

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The Jewish Culture Festival (JCF)
March 30 through April 9
sponsored by the Rivertowns Jewish Consortium (RJC) of which
 Rosh Pinah is a member.

April 1, 2014 at 7:00 PM

The Tzedek Children's Choir

 Performance at Temple Beth Abraham as part of the second annual Jewish Cultural Festival

For more information and to RSVP

 There are a variety of programs, 11 events in 10 days in several different venues in the Rivertowns, celebrating Jewish culture in the arts, music and literature.

Brochure for the Second Annual Jewish Cultural Festival

Purim Photo Album
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Sunday, April 6

Package delivery for Passover
to the homebound elderly in the Bronx
Sponsored by the Bronx Jewish Community Council

Sunday, April 27

Yom Hashoah program in the late afternoon at Temple Beth Shalom

Sunday, May 4  at 9:30 AM

Breakfast discussion at the JCC in Tarrytown
 on Interfaith Relationships

Friday, May 30 
Kabbalat shabbat service and dinner
at the Women's Club in Dobbs Ferry
Rabbinal student Amanda Schwartz will join us for Friday night and Saturday services on 5/31

Sunday, April 6

Package delivery for Passover
to the homebound elderly in the Bronx
Sponsored by the Bronx Jewish Community Council

Monday, June 2

Community dinner sponsored by Rivertown Jewish Consortium and the JCC.  The theme this year is "L'dor V'dor.  From Generation to Generation and our Rosh Pinah honorees will be Shmuel Winograd and Ita Giventer



 As a member-led Chavurah we are always in need of volunteers to fulfill all of these roles. Do not feel intimidated! Preparing a Dvar Torah, reading Torah or Haftarah and even public davening are uplifting experiences; just ask anyone who has volunteered. We will provide tapes, resources, help and guidance. Please volunteer! Contact Bob Fryd




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Who are we?

Rosh Pinah is an egalitarian chavurah which follows the practices of Conservative Judaism. It is a fellowship of Jews who wish to daven (pray) and congregate in an atmosphere of respect, joy, warmth, camaraderie and trust. The Chavurah invites anyone interested to join us for services. The Chavurah is very participatory. Its members conduct services, read Torah, serve as gabbayim (service 'helpers'), prepare the drashot (Torah commentary or sermons) and the food. We will be interested in trying different activities that will enrich our services. The Chavurah wants everyone to have a stake in its development and a hand in its success. We are a non-profit organization with a Board of Trustees.

Our name: Rosh Pinah

The name Rosh Pinah comes from Tehillim118:22 (Psalms). The verse is recited as part of the Hallel on Rosh Chodesh and festivals. It reads in Hebrew: even maasu habonim haita lerosh pinah. In English "The stone that the builders discarded has become the cornerstone". The stone that was of no importance has become the cornerstone of a new edifice. The name Rosh Pinah was given to one of the first yishuvim (settlements) near Safed in the Galilee in 1882 during the first modern/secular aliyah to Israel (this group of pioneers called themselves Hovevei Tzion, lovers of Zion).

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Board of Trustees meetings are generally scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month.
Shabbat morning services
Our regular Shabbat morning services are held at 9:00AM at Temple Beth Shalom, 740 Broadway in Hastings in the large classroom on the lower level.  Because of Bar & Bat Mitzvahs taking place there simultaneously, PLEASE park on side streets and Broadway and NOT in the parking lot. THANKS!

Scheduled Dates


  Rosh Pinah is a member of:

Interfaith Caring Community
Rivertowns Jewish Consortium
Westchester Jewish Conference

"If you will it, it is no fairytale"
Theodor Herzl (1860-1904)

"If you build it. they will come"
Field of Dreams, 1989


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